Rajshahi is a big university town and one of the largest division in Bangladesh. Rajshahi division is overwhelmingly agricultural and it is the center of the silk industry in Bangladesh. This region is very famous for Lichies, Mangoes and travelers; the region offers a Varity of historical monuments in this division including Hindu temples, many mosques, Rajbaris (Palaces) and British-Era buildings and built on the northern river of the Padma. Rajshahi is situated of the north side in Bangladesh. Rajshahi is situated near the river Padma and monsoon the Padma river is in full with water, tides and waves where as in winter it dwindles and you will feel the desert by the side of river.

Transportation in Rajshahi is very nice. There is bus service, Taxi cabs, auto rickshaw, three wheeler and horse driven Tomtom are available to move within the city. Rajshahi is well connected to the rest of country through roads, air, rail and water. It takes about 5 to 6 hours by road to reach the capital from Dhaka to Rajshahi. A number of bus services including air conditioned and non air conditioned buses are available from Dhaka. Bus services to other major districts are also available from Rajshahi. Rajshahi Railway Station has some inter-city, mail & local trains operated from here to connect Khulna city & other part of the country. Three Inter-City train services are operated by Bangladesh Railway, named "Padma Express" "Silk City Express" and "Dhumketu Express" between Dhaka and Rajshahi regularly. Shah Makhdum Airport is the primary airport serving the city. It is named after the Islamic preacher Hazrat Shah Makhdum (Rh.) is situated a short distance away from Rajshahi city. Domestic flights from Dhaka and Saidpur are available.

Economy of Rajshahi and agricultural products of Bangladesh, no doubt there will be rapid industrial development in Rajshahi such as rice, potatoes, wheat and lentils, Rajshahi and its neighboring regions are specially suited from various crops such as Watermelons, Sugarcanes, Mangoes and Lichies. In spite of being an important city and located on a river bank, industrial development in Rajshahi has not taken place to any great extent. Though locals have claimed that this is due to lack of attention from the central government in Dhaka, business community of the city also responsible for lack of initiative to build industries in the private sector in the 60's an Industrial Park had been established in Rajshahi, which is now mainly home to industries producing products of the famous Rajshahi silk. Rajshahi is also home to number of jute mills, textile mills, a sugar mill and mango based industries.

Sports of Rajshahi, There are three 15000+ capacity stadium in the city. There is also an international standard Tennis complex and few sports training academy in the city. Football, There is regular football/soccer league. City is the home of several national level club team like Digonto proshari. Cricket, Rajshahi is one of the important place of cricket in Bangladesh. As regular supplier of cricketer in the national team, it is also the home of Bangladesh Premier League team Duronto Rajshahi. The city has two cricket academies Banglatrack & Clemon, to grow and train upcoming cricketers.

Rajshahi itself is an important tourist destination with the beautiful river beaches of Padma and its vast mango orchards. Other attractions in and near Rajshahi include-Varendra Research Museum Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum Ruposh . It is located besides the river Padma, in the Dargah Para of the city. The name Dargah Para is derived from the word Dargah which means shrine and refers to the shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum Ruposh . Bara Kuthi (16th century Dutch establishment) Temple of King Kangsa Narayan Shona Dighi (Golden Pond) etc.

The Varendra Research Museum one of the oldest museums in this subcontinent, is situated in the heart of Rajshahi city. Its library contains 22,000+ printed books and journals and 6000+ manuscripts in Bengali, Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian languages. The library has been moved from the Museum building to a new, modern structure. Md Abdul Matin khan It was one of the first non government initiatives for building a museum by some enlightened people with Kumar Sarat Kumar Roy during the British era. This museum has a large collection of statues of Lord Surya and some unique masterpieces illustrating the history of the locality and its civilization. 

Puthia It is a very scenic little town. Puthia has the largest number of historically important Hindu structures in Bangladesh. It has also one of the country's finniest picturesque Rajbari. This is located only 23km east of Rajshahi. The archaeological heritages of Puthia are Govinda Mandir ( Temple ) Shiva Mandir, Gopal Mandir and Dolmancha Hawakhana at Tarapur.

Uttara Gano-Bhaban, The building that was once the palace of the Dighapatia Maharaja, the region's governor, is now a government building called Uttara Gano-Ghaban. It serves as one of the president's official residences. Situated 3 km north of town off the road to Bogra.

Mahasthangarh, The oldest known city in Bangladesh , dating back to at least the 3rd century BC. lies on the western bank of the river Karotoa, about 13 km north of Mahasthangarh (formerly known as Pundravardhana) is today an archaeological site consisting largely of foundations and hillocks hinting the past riches.The Buddhists were here until at least the 11th century AD.

Kantanagar Temple, This is located about 12 miles north of Dinajpur town. It is one of the spectacular monuments in Bangladesh , built in 1752 by Pran Nath; a renowned Maharaja from Dinajpur. It is the country’s finest existing example of the brick and terracotta style. The archways, vaults and columns are decorated with tiny figures and motifs in terracotta depict scenes from the great Hindu epics, particularly battle scenes.

Natore Rajbari, One of the oldest Rajbaris in Bangladesh , dating from the mid 1700s, the magnificent but dilapidated Natore Rajbari is actually a series of seven Rajbari, four of which are notable and remain largely intact.

Shahjadpur Kuthibari, About 75km. From Pabna town. It is alsoa historical place connected with the frequent visits of poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Ramshagor Lake, About 11km. south east of Dinajpur town ias a large picturesque lake about 350m long . The beautiful Ramshagor Dighi (Lake ) was dug in 17th Century by Maharaja Ram Nath to solve the water problem. This is now one of the historical places as well as a tourist spot There is a guest house beautifully located on a hill overlooking Ramsagar Lake.

Carmichael College, The campus which is on the out skirts of Rangpur town is spacious. This represents a splendid fusion of classical British and Mughal architecture. This famous old college which dates from 1916, has a picturesque appearance.

Lakshindarer Medh, This large mount is the partially excavated site of an ancient Shiva temple, over which a Buddhist stupa was constructed in the 7 th century AD. Local legend associates it with the snake Goddess Manassa or alternatively, with a dalliance between a wondering price and a temple dancer.

Tajhat Palace, It is a few km. from Rangpur town. In the 19 th century Manna Lal Ray was forced to Emigrate from the Panjab and found his way to Rangpur and own title of Raja. His crowning achievement was the construction of one of the finest Rajbari in Bangladesh during the mid of 19 th century.

Bangabandhu Bridge, This 4.8 km. long bridge is currently the 12th longest bridge in the world. This bridge was constructed on the river Jamuna connecting east and northwestern region of the country. The Jamuna Bridge authority has a plant to built an international standa tourist resort on the eastern of the bridge.

Paharpur, Paharpur is a amall vila\llage in the greater Rajshahi division where the remains of the most important and the biggest Buddhist monastery south of himalays has been excavated. It dates from the 8th century AD. This is the most impressive archaeological site back in 1919. It has been declared a world heritage site.

Shopnopuri, Shopnopuri is one of the most beautiful artificial tourist spot in North Bengal . You can go there either from Hili or from Dinajpur. There you can enjoy your full day watching this artificial beauty.

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