Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and also Dhaka is the main city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is geographic located in central Bangladesh. Dhaka is a megacity and one of the major cities of South Asia located on the banks of the Buriganga River, Dhaka along with its metropolitan area.

Formerly known as Dacca and Jahangir Nagar under Mughal rule Dhaka was founded during the 10th century. It served as the Mogul capital of Bengal from 1608 to 1704 and was a trading center for British, French, and Dutch interests before coming under British rule in 1765. In 1905 it was again named the capital of Bengal, and in 1956 it became the capital of East Pakistan. The city suffered heavy damage during the Bangladesh war of independence (1971). The spelling of the Bengali name was changed from Dacca to Dhaka in 1982.

Dhaka is the commercial heart of Bangladesh. The purchasing power of Dhaka's fast-growing middle class population is significantly higher than the rest of the country, increasing the market for modern consumer and luxury goods. Most of Bangladesh's skilled workers are employed in the businesses and industries located in the Dhaka metropolitan area. The city has historically attracted a large number of migrant workers. Hawkers, peddlers, small shops, rickshaws transport, roadside vendors and stalls employ a large segment of the population - rickshaw-pullers alone number as many as 400,000. Half the workforce is employed in household and unorganised labour, while about 800,000 work in the textile industry. 

The main business area of the city include Motijheel, Pantapath, karnbazar, banani and Gulshan-1 and 2. Badda, Bangshal, Mohakhali, Chackbazar, Darussalam, Daskhinkhan, Demra,  Gandaria, Hazaribag, Jatrabari, Kadamtoli, Kafrul, Kalabagan, Kamrangirchar, Khilgaon, Khilkhet, Kotwali, Lalbag, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Motijheel, New Market, Pallabi, Paltan, Ramna, Rampura, Sabujbag, Shah ali, Shahbag, Sherebanglanagar, Shyampur, Sutrapur, Tejgaon , Tejgaon I/A, Turag , Uttara, Uttarkhan, Basundhara City is a recently developed economic area that houses many high-tech industries and corporations and a shopping mall that is the largest in South Asia, frequented daily by more than 25,000 people. The Export Processing Zone in Dhaka was set up to encourage the export of garments, textiles and other goods. The EPZ is home to 80 factories, which employ mostly women. The Dhaka Stock Exchange is based in the city as are most of the large companies and banks of Bangladesh, Urban developments have sparked a widespread construction boom, causing new high-rise buildings and skyscrapers to change the city landscape. Growth has been especially strong in the finance, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications and services sectors, while tourism, hotels and restaurants continue as important elements of the Dhaka economy.

Dhaka as a Rickshaw Capital of the World approximately 400000 rickshaws run per day. Today it serves as one of the prime centers for culture, education and business in the country one of the most densely populated cities in the world and forms the world's 9th largest agglomeration and the largest city within the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. Dhaka is known as the City of Mosques and renowned for producing the world's finest muslin.

The environment of Dhaka is facing serious threats from pollution caused by the city's rapid expansion, congestion and industrial activities. Increasing air and water pollution emanating from traffic congestion and industrial waste are serious problems affecting public health and the quality of life in the city.

New Dhaka, Everyone have a dream of secured living in his own surroundings. A piece of secured, pollution free green land with all other facilities to build own SWEET HOME is a dream for each and every citizen, especially in urban life like capital city Dhaka. Since the mega city Dhaka is no more compatible to fulfill the need of housing and urbanization for it’s over population, it has already been planned to develop and expand its surround for making your dream practical.

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