Kukur or Kutta, DOG

The Bangladeshi Pariah Dog also 'Kukur or Kutta', pye dog, pie dog, or pi dog is the aboriginal landrace, or naturally selected "breed" of the Indian sub-continent. It is also called the Bangladeshi Native Dog and is nowadays referred to as the Dashi Dog by experts and enthusiasts. The term "pariah dog" is not derogatory in the canine context and refers to a class of primitive dogs of a specific appearance known as the "long-term pariah morph." Bangladeshi Pariah Dog, the dominant village, However the place of origin has not been determined so far. The Bangladeshi Pariah Dog also have lived and worked with humans in so many roles that they have earned the unique nickname, "man's best friend", a phrase used in other languages as well. They have been bred for herding livestock, hunting e.g. pointers and hounds, rodent control, guarding, helping fishermen with nets, detection dogs, and pulling loads, in addition to their roles as companions. Service dogs such as guide dogs, utility dogs, assistance dogs, hearing dogs, and psychological therapy dogs provide assistance to individuals with physical or mental disabilities. Some dogs owned by epileptics have been shown to alert their handler when the handler shows signs of an impending seizure, sometimes well in advance of onset, allowing the guardian to seek safety, medication, or medical care.

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Natural of a foreigner Dog or Kukur or Kutta:

The Natural Life Cycle of a Dog is something that we as responsible owners should give a little thought to. Dogs are living beings like humans, and have a natural life cycle we need to be aware of. They are born from their parents, raised until the proper age, grow up to be mature adults, explore the world, and eventually pass away like us. They share experiences with their owners and fellow dogs – hence they are social animals and need to learn proper skills. When raising a dog, proper training for socialization, discipline, and many other factors are very important to prevent unwanted behavior when the dog grows up. Here are some basic stages of a dog’s complete life cycle, and some of the things a dog needs during those various stages:

Adult Dog Stage:

The adult age of a fully matured dog occurs when he is around 2 years old. His senior years start when he is around 7 years old.

During these stages, the dog has become fully matured, independent and responsible.

Remember that everything that happened to him as a pup will carry on for the rest of his life.

For dogs to stay fit, regular exercise and and a healthy diet is needed.

Some Bangladeshi Pariah Dog colors red, black, and white and some mix color combination mainly red and black color dog so many in Bangladeshi villages. Food safety is main problems of local dog. Bangladeshi Dogs taking rest in day and hold night like a security guard.