Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge

Full Name Bangabandhu Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge, Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge or Jomuna Bohumukhi Shetu is a bridge opened in Bangladesh in June 1998. It connects Bhuapur on the Jamuna River's east bank to Sirajganj on its west bank. It was the 11th longest bridge in the world when constructed in 1998. It was constructed over the Jamuna River one of the three major rivers of Bangladesh and fifth largest in the world in terms of volumetric discharge. The bridge established a strategic link between the eastern and western parts of Bangladesh. It generates multifarious benefits for the people and especially, promotes inter-regional trade in the country. Apart from quick movement of goods and passenger traffic by road and rail, it facilitated transmission of electricity and natural gas, and integration of telecommunication links. The bridge is located on the Asian Highway and the Trans-Asian Railway which, when fully developed, will provide uninterrupted international road and railway links from South-east Asia through Central Asia to North-west Europe.

About Bangabandhu Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge:
Jamuna River
Sirajganj and Tangail
Maintained by
Bangladesh Bridge Authorit Limited
railroad bridge
Total length
4.8 km
18.5 m
Longest span
100 m
June 1998

A milestone in the history of modern development of Bangladesh, It is the single largest project Bangladesh has ever implemented. The bridge was constructed on the river Jamuna connecting east and north-western region of the country.