Chittagong Sea Port

The Chittagong Sea Port is the largest seaport in Chittagong division of Bangladesh Near the city of Chittagong and located by the estuary of the Karnaphuli River in Patenga and about 9 nautical miles from the shore line of the Bay of Bengal. It is a deepwater seaport dominated by trade in containerised manufactured products especially for garments, jute goods, leather products, fertilisers and seafood etc, raw materials and to a lesser extent passengers. Most of the export and import of the country are handled via this Chittagong Sea Port. It is the oldest operating port in Bangladesh and enabling the Chittagong Sea Port to provide the arrival and departure times of all ships. Two berths at the port terminal are kept in reserve for emergency. Actually Port of Chittagong is ranked as world's 90th busiest port in the world. The Chittagong Sea Port is main sea port of People's Republic of Bangladesh.

SERVICE AND FACILITIES of Chittagong Sea Port:

Pilotage is compulsory for ocean going vessels and the entrance to the river is constantly changing and no vessel should attempt to enter without pilot. Pilot boards about 2 nautical miles seaward of the outer Bar Buoy. In the moderate heavy weather a lee must be made for the Pilot Boat. The vessel receiving a Pilot is required to wait at the pilot ground near the entrance all clear of anchor taking into consideration the effect of tide and other conditions to facilitate boarding of the pilot in good time to be able to avail of the tide for entering and berthing etc. The propelling distance from the pilot ground to the main jetties is about 11 nautical miles and the distance has to be covered at variable speed in defferent sections of the river. Inward ships must present themselves at pilot ground at least 3 hours before the high water to enter on a particular day. This of course, is subject to the availability of berth and having permissible draft and length etc. The ship movements generally commence about 5 to 5 hours before the day's high water and the tides have been termed Day or Night taking this factor into consideration. During the spring tide/Freshet/Foul weather vessels under 7 knots will not be normally handled and such vessels will be classed grade 2 for operation purpose. Agents of such vessel are required to consult the Deputy conservator well in advance. Masters are advised to manoeuvre with great care while receiving and disembarking pilots. Vessels due for entering in the next 24 hours must anchor in Anchorage B. Keep R.T. Watch at least 3 hours before the pilot boarding time and also display her signal letters. Incoming vessels normally enter with the flood time. The normal manoeuvre is to snub with the starboard anchor and proceed to berth/mooring after heaving up and finally go alongside using the port anchor.


The deep draft vessels can be lightered at the Outer Anchorage. This is to be restored to for vessels of deeper draft kutubdia. Depending on the Quanram involved in lighterage T-2 Type tankers and liberty vessels are arranged on character by the concerened Agencies from abroad or from the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation. Except the Ocean going Tankers and Vessels of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation engaged in lighterage, local lighterage, fleet consist of tankers each of approximately 1,000 tons capacity and coaster each of the capacity of 300 to 1000 tons owned by the Public and Private Sectors are deployed. Besides these country craft each of 20 to 80 tons capacity in private sector and steel barges each of 300 to 500 tons capacity in the public and private sectors are available to carry out lighterages work. The cargo from such lighters intended to be discharged at the Chittagong port is handled at a vacant jetty or in between the two vessels alongside the jetties. Cargo discharged into lighters at Outer Anchorage may also be directly transported to inland river ports and Mongla Port the Second international Port f the country, with prior permission of the port and Customs Authorities. Due to rough sea during inclement weather, lightered at outer Anchorage and also Kutubdia during Mid April to Mid October might become difficult and Uncertain at times.


Fresh water is available at all the Chittagong Port Authority Jetties. Water is also supplied by Propelled water Barges to vessels inside Port and at the Outer Anchorage. Due to rough sea and inclement weather, water supply at the outer anchorage is affected often during Mid April to Mid October. Oil bunkers can be supplied to the vessels at the Oil Moorings. In emergent cases, Oil companies may undertake supply of Bunkers by inland tankers. Coal Bunkers are available and supplies can be obtained by the Master/Local Agents through the Assistant Controller of Coal, Chittagong. Fresh meat, fish, vegetable, milk, egg, rice, wheat, bread abd butter etc, are available for supply.

MEDICAL FACILITIES of Chittagong Sea Port:

Necessary medical facilities to offers and Crews of vessels may be made available at Chittagong Port Authority Hospital On request against payment of this may be privately arranged through the local Agents concered.

REPAIRING FACILITY of Chittagong Sea Port:

Quite a good number of small Marine Workshop are available and they can carry out the repair of the vessels. There is one ship Reparing Yard in Chittagong in which ships upto 560 ft. 10A 16,500 DWT can be drydocked. A few number of electric workshop are also available in Chittagong. Repairing facility at the Moorings used for Dry Cargo may be allowed only for reasonable period with the prior permission of the Deputy Conservator and the Director Traffic.


Such services can be made available by the Port Authority on hire charge basis.


The Port Authority operates a small Marine Salvage Unit Services of personnel and equipment are available on hire charge basis.

RAIL & AIR TERMINALS of Chittagong Sea Port:

Chittagong is a terminal of Bangladesh Railway. There is an Airport close to the Harbour and regular Air Services are available from Chittagong to the rest of the Country. There is regular communication by sea with the Port of the World.

The Chittagong Sea Port is main and important sea port of Bangladesh. Without Chittagong Sea port cannot possible to handle all goods shipment of Bangladesh. The Chittagong Sea Port is a popular sea port in south Asia.