Up Your Style in Dhaka City

How to wear winter season in Bangladesh-layering: Layering during winters is fun and they also protect you from the cold blazing chill. Here are a few ways you can wear it without looking odd. Mix it with prints- One of the best ways to flaunt layering during this season is to start it with a mix of prints. From striped to plaid work, it works wonders when worn solo or accompanied by layers. Wear a cozy sweater- Sport a monotone or textured boatneck sweater in a solid hue. You can choose from bright pinks to oranges etc which will add some pop and colour against the busyness of the patterns. Put on a preppy blazer- You can simply amp your look by adding a school boy blazer. The slightly shrunken shape will look uber smart. Make sure to include an accessory like a sling back in tan worn across your body. Finish off with fuchsia- A great way to ensure that you add glamour to your overall look by topping it off with a faux fur trimmed coat. You can wear a shocking magenta which will also add an element of surprise and will play nicely with your cobalt details.

How to shop for winter clothes in Bangladesh:

Buying clothes during the winter can be tricky, especially if you do not understand the texture of the wool well enough. However you can look classy and stylish with these simply tips, one of the main things that you need to keep in mind while buying winter clothes is that you need to check what is already there in your wardrobe. There is no point in buying something that you already have.  Begin with buying warm basics for underneath your outerwear. You can buy something in cotton or light wool. Choose pants of warm and solid fabrics. Corduroy, denim and twill are considered to be classic winter bottom-weight fabrics. For extreme winter weather, you can try wearing denim and corduroy pants that have fennel lining built in. Purchase sweaters and shirts made of flannel. Also make sure that you choose natural, cotton and wool fabrics and knits which are much warmer than polyester or nylon and also last longer. Apart from this, also make sure that you choose fabrics that are comfortable and won't cause itching and rashes. Often winter clothes cause static; thus choose clothes wisely during this season.

Up your style quotient in Dhaka:

Try these tricks for a fashionable winter- As the chill sets in, everyone wants to look their best. However, it's extremely difficult to bundle up and still look good. But worry not; there are many things to choose from— boots, scarves, gloves, sweaters, jackets etc that will help jazz any outfit that you wear.

Keep your legs warm- If you don't wish to wear just a pair of socks, you can always opt for opaque stockings that are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Not only will they keep you warm, but will also be a fashion statement.

Fur coat for cool factor- To up your style quotient, wear a faux fur-collared jacket or shrug over a pair of jeans and tee, and you are good to go.

Statement coats to your rescue- If you are wondering what to wear to work on a daily basis, invest in a statement coat. It can also double up as an evening wear when you are going out with friends.

Choose lightweight cardigans- Light cardigans look great over leggings and jeans. You can wear them at your workplace as well as when you are going out.

Invest in a cashmere sweater- A simple boatneck cashmere sweater is probably the best winter investment. It's super stylish as well as lends perfect warmth.

Add leather to your wardrobe- Leather dresses and skirts are trending right now. Also, they are the perfect clothing to stay warm in.

Layering works best- If you thought layering is reserved for those living in cold areas, you are wrong. You can choose lightweight jackets and sweaters to achieve this look. A musthave garment is a vest. Wear a light one on top of your tee, probably in a neutral shade, and wear a jacket over that.

Scarves are a perfect accessory- If you believe less is more, opt for a scarf with your regular wear for pure style and warmth. You may or may not wear anything warm along with this.

Top it off with a great hat- Whether you prefer a floppy, cute or knitted style, one must wear a cap or a hat during winters. Not only will it add to your style, but will also keep you warm and prevent you from catching a cold.