The Padma River in Bangladesh

The Padma River have great influence on the life of people in many in many ways. The people of Bangladesh love the Padma River. The poets have composed many beautiful poems and songs on Padma River. Bangladesh is a land of rivers and many rivers flowed over this country.  Some of them are big and some are small. All the rivers fall into the Bay of Bengal the Padma River one of them. The Padma River are of great help to us. Our agriculture depends on the rivers. The rivers supply water and make the land fertile by depositing silt. Thus they help to produce paddy, jute, wheat and many other crop. The Padma River also help our irrigation. Padma River has a great source of water. The Padma River abounded in fishes. Fish is an important food of our country. Many people earn their livelihood by catching fish in the rivers. Padma River has important means for transport too. Boats, launches, steamers ply through them in all seasons. They carry passengers and goods from one place to another. These rivers also help our trade and commerce inside Bangladesh and outside of country.

The principal rivers of Bangladesh are the Padma, the Megna, The jamuna, The Brahamaputra. The Dhaleswari and the Karnafuli. Besides, there are many small rivers like the Betna, Buriganga, the Sitallakya, the Gumti, the Tista, the Atrai, the Kortoa, The Mohananda, the Madhumati and many others. They have tributaries as well. The Padma is the name used in Bangladesh for a major trans-boundary river known in India as the main distributary of the Ganges river that originates in the western Himalayas. The Padma enters Bangladesh from India near Chapai Nababganj.
The Padma River main channel of the greater Ganges (Ganga) River in Bangladesh. For some 90 miles (145 km) the Ganges River forms the western boundary between India and Bangladesh before it enters Bangladesh at the northern edge of the Kushtia district as the upper segment of the Padma River. The upper Padma flows southeastward to receive the mighty Jamuna River (the name of the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh) near Rajbari. The combined flow of those two rivers constitutes the lower segment of the Padma, which continues to flow southeastward through central Bangladesh to join the Meghna River near Chandpur and to empty into the Bay of Bengal.

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