The Buriganga River in Dhaka

The Buriganga River is one of the very important rivers in Dhaka (about from 27 km to 18 km length). The Buriganga River remaining 18 kilometers are in Dhaka District and other portion with linked Narayangong District with a very small portion in Munshiganj District. The Buriganga River average depth is 25 feet (7.6 m) and maximum depth is 58 feet (18 m). The Buriganga River flows past the southwest outskirts of Dhaka city (inside old Dhaka), the capital of Bangladesh. The Buriganga River is economically very important for Dhaka. Launches and country boats provide connection to other parts of Bangladesh and we know Bangladesh is a river base country. The Buriganga River was already a prime location for trade and the river was also the city's main source of drinking water and river base communication. Paddle Steamer also as Rocket, Launch, Wooden boats and Feeder Vessel on The Buriganga River has communicate with many District in Bangladesh like this Narayangong, Munshiganj, Barisal and Journey by launch from Dhaka to Chandpur District.  

Today the Buriganga River is afflicted by the noisome problem of pollution. The chemical waste of mills and many factories, household waste, medical waste, sewage, dead animals, plastics, and oil are some of the Buriganga's pollutants. It is the main problem of Buriganga River but we clearly know that water is the most vital ecological component of the environment and fresh water scarcity is now a core issue in the global environmental. Proper management of surface water is essential for all nations mainly for our Dhaka peoples.

The Buriganga Rivers have been a source of food since pre-history. The Buriganga Rivers can provide a rich source of fish and other edible aquatic life, and are a major source of fresh water, which can be used for drinking and irrigation. It is therefore no surprise to find most of the major cities of the Bangladesh situated on the banks of Buriganga Rivers. The Buriganga Rivers help to determine the urban form of cities and neighborhoods and their corridors often present opportunities for urban renewal through the development of foreshore ways such as river walks. Buriganga Rivers also provide an easy means of disposing of waste-water and, in much of the less developed in Dhaka and other near District. Please save the Buriganga Rivers, Thanks for your kind co-operation.

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