Nilgiri is Darjeeling of Bangladesh

Nil Giri is the highest hill resort of Bandarban with amazing natural beauty and it’s also Nilgiri or Nil Giri is one of the tallest peaks and beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is approximately 3500 feet high from sea level and situated at Thanci Thana. It is approximately 47 kilometers south of Bandarban on the Bandarban Chimbuk Thanchi road. This beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintain by the Bangladesh Army. Nilgiri hill is a very popular tourist attraction in Bandarban and Bandarban is a beautiful hill track district in Bangladesh.

Darjeeling of Bangladesh, Nilgiri Weary souls looking to rejuvenate the mind and body can plan a short trip of two to three days at Nilgiri for spending time. Any time or winter is waiting for you with its foggy gesture on the height hill. Within three days you can also visit the various places of tourist interest and spend time picking up local artifacts from the numerous curio shops dotting this hill resort. Nilgiri is a hill that all man desire to see and having seen once-by even a glimpse would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the world combined. For those wanting to explore the Hills, we suggest that you spend at least 3 days in the region. You could start your vacation by spending a night on the Nilgiri hill before heading towards Nilgiri for three days. You could then take a three hour drive to hill road and spend one night visiting the numerous tree nurseries in this quiet hill before wrapping up your holiday.

Nil Giri is the highest hill resort of Bangladesh with amazing natural. You have to stay at Bandarban hotel and next day you can move to Nilgiri. On way you may have a round on Meghla Tourist Spot near Bandarban. To save time you can reach Cox’s Bazaar by air for onwards move to Nilgiri by bus or rent a car. Better freedom one can rent a microbus or car from Dhaka. Bandarban have many tourist zones to enjoy Bangladesh tourism location. Nilgiri is mainly a rest house. It has a clean and healthy restaurant. So don’t worry about stomach Rice, beef, mutton are prepared in bamboo without water is really mouth-watering.  They can provide various types of taste food.

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