Lalbagh Fort-Calla/Kalla

Lalbagh Fort (Calla/Kalla) is a most popular fort in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Lalbagh Fort “Fort Aurangabad” is a Mughal Palace fortress beside Buriganga River in the southwestern part of the old Dhaka. Actually Prince Muhammad Azam, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, began the construction while he was serving as the Viceroy of Bengal. Lalbagh Fort has built in 17th Century dated 1678. Main attractions in this place - Mosque, Tomb of Pari Bibi, Lalbagh, Audience hall and Hammam Khana (bathing place) of Nawab Shaista Khan.

Lalbagh Fort Mosque: is a nice place in this fort, The Lalbagh Fort Mosque is a three-domed mosque with a water tank on the eastern side.

Diwani-i-Aam: it’s also Diwan-i-Aam is a two storeyed building. A single storeyed Hammam is attached on its west. The Hammam portion has an underground room for boiling water. A long partition wall runs along the western facade of the Hammam.

A water tank: A nice square shaped water tank (71.63m on each side) is placed to the east of the Diwan-i-Aam. There are four corner stairs to descent into the tank. It is an important part of the fort.

Tomb of Bibi Pari: The tomb of Bibi Pari, the daughter of Shaista Khan, is in the middle of the complex. There is a central square room. It contains the remains of Bibi Pari covered by a false octagonal dome and wrapped by brass plate. The entire inner wall is covered with white marble. Eight rooms surrounds the central one. There is another small grave in the southeastern corner room. 

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