Kaptai Dam and Kaptai National Park in Bangladesh

In the Bangladesh there are so many members in the National Park family which are protected areas because of their beautiful countryside, wildlife and cultural heritage. People live and work in the National Parks and the farms, villages and towns are protected along with the landscape and wildlife. National Parks welcome visitors and provide opportunities for everyone to experience enjoy and learn about their special qualities. Here are just a few things that make National Parks special places. If you’re looking for a great getaway spot in Bangladesh like this Kaptai National Park, look no further than the Kaptai National Park. This great natural area combines nature with an interesting cultural legacy in such a way that you will never find anything quite like it anywhere else in Bangladesh.

Kaptai Dam is located on the Karnaphuli River at Kaptai, 65 kilometres (40 mi) upstream from Chittagong in Rangamati District of Bangladesh. It is an earth-fill embankment dam with a reservoir (known as Kaptai Lake) water storage capacity of 6,477,000,000 m3 (5,250,989 acre•ft). The primary purpose of the construction of the dam and reservoir was to generate hydroelectric power. Construction was completed in 1962. The generators in the 230 MW power station, called Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station, were commissioned between 1962 and 1988.

The entire area of Rangamati in the Hilly Chittagong , Bangladesh is covered by this vast Kaptai Lake. In fact, perhaps boat is the only conveyance to reach places around here. Almost everyone one of them has a small boat. Places to visit around Kaptai Lake are Shubhollong waterfalls, Hanging Bridge, Chang Bang restaurant to have a taste of local delicacies, Ruins of the old Chakma King's palace, a very popular Buddhist shrine. Good picnic spot. But not really recommended for experimenting swimming. A good picnic spot. There have been happy beginnings and sad ending with drowning deaths. Kaptai Lake, located in Rangamati, is a huge body of water bordered by lush greenery and several houses perched on stilts. It's a nature photographer's dream. It is fairly easy to arrange a day-long boat tour of the lake (our hotel did it for us), though armed guards are required for foreigners. There is a restaurant (Peda TIng Ting) on an island in the lake with quite decent food. There is also the hanging bridge, and a waterfall on another island. A day on this lake is very pleasant (weather permitting) and a necessary relaxation after a lot of time spent in Bangladesh.