Hatir Jheel Project Bridges

Hatir Jheel bridges not only symbolize our Bangladesh advancement in design but its advancement in technology as well. Consequently architects and engineers have been able to merge design and technology together in order to create bridges that are bigger better and more spectacular than ever before. It is a comprehensive project that addresses multifarious shortcomings including drainage of flood waters, recreation facilities in terms of walkways and urban beautification. Hatir Jheel is also grand road condition and excellent view both sides and superb driving experience in the open way looks great at night and awesome technology that built this bridge and no Toll fees.  There's not much to say about this place. It has a nice bridge and impressive one but just a bridge that enables you can go Hatir Jheel. My opinion is Hatir Jheel project and each bridge inside Hatir Jheel you can view excellent and awesome.

Hatirjheel is located at the centre of the capital in Dhaka. The traveler facilities along with six bridges and four overpasses are expected to reduce traffic congestion in the adjoining Tejgaon, Gulshan, Modhubagh, Moghbazar and Badda and it made the transportation of the people living near these areas much easier. Hatir jheel project provides more than a plain road link between Rampura and Tejgaon. The location of Hatirj Jheel is perfect for the transportation system and Hatir jheel project can be reduce traffic jam in Dhaka City.

Hatir Jheel project location history- Legend has it that the elephants of Dhaka's Pilkhana used to take bath in these wetlands – there the name comes Hatirjheel. Urban planner, architect Iqbal Habib, who heads the consultant firm of the Hatirjheel-Begunbari development project, said that the Bhawal Raja used to keep his tamed elephants at Pilkhana. He said that the elephants were taken to the wetlands through the Elephant Road and Hatirpool.
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