Good Bangla Conversation

Getting to know other people is a typical activity in our daily lives. Even if you're good with people, there are likely to be times when you're stuck for something more to say and start wondering what topic to bring up next. Having a mental list of ideas for conversation topics ready prepared means you need never panic as to what to say next. All you need to do is draw from one of them and continue with your chat.  Before about tips for knowing if you’re boring someone and tips to avoid being a bore. But while it might be fairly easy to avoid topics that are likely to bore someone, it’s much harder to figure out what to say if you want to be interesting. Making polite conversation can be tough.

Bangla Conversation Tips:  Comment on a topic common to both of you at the moment: the food, the room, the occasion, the weather. “How do you know our host?” “What brings you to this event?” But keep it on the positive side! Unless you can be hilariously funny, the first time you come in contact with a person isn’t a good time to complain.  Ask open questions that can’t be answered with a single word. “What’s keeping you busy these days?” This is a good question if you’re talking to a person who doesn’t have an office job. It’s also helpful because it allows people to choose their focus (work, volunteer, family, and hobby) — preferable to the inevitable question (well, inevitable at least in Dhaka City): “What do you do?”

 Now Bangla Conversation Tips, what to do if a conversation is just not working, and there’s no way to use the “Excuse me, I need to go get something to drink” line? Recently, at a dinner party, the guy sitting on my right side was clearly very bored by me. He explained to me at length about how happiness didn’t really exist, but after setting me straight on that subject didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and after a few failed attempts at other topics, after an awkward pause in the conversation (my fault as much as his), he said, “Um, so where are you from?” It was such a listless, uninspired effort that I leaned over, put my hand on his arm, and said meanly, “Now, Paul, surely we can do better than that!” and changed the conversation. (It is moments like that that make me happy that I basically gave up drinking.)

Bangla Sobdo: Kamon Asan, Kotay Jaban, O Apne, Na Amra, Valo, Valo Thakban, Ami Tomaka Valo Basi, Tar Por, O Ai Ta, Basto, Jabo, Cholan, By-By, Ta-Ta, Abar Daka Hoba, Am, Jam, Katal, Kodbal, Lecu, Paira, Anaros, Kola, Labu, Tota Paki, Kolam, Doal Paki, Bag, Horin, Shail, Morog, Murgi, Ma, Baba, Chaca, Chaci, Khala, Fufo, Dolobhai, Sala, Sali, Bahi, Vi, Bon, Talto,  Bhabi, Dhonobad.

Posted BY: ABC Task