Folk Art and Craft Museum-Panam City

Panam City is also known as the lost city in Bangladesh its Bengali name is Panam Nagar. It is located at Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj District in Dhaka division. Panam City is most popular heritage at Sonargaon in Narayangong  District. Sonargaon was the administrative centre of Eastern Bengal under the Muslim rulers of Bengal. Panam city was built by the upper-middle class Bengali businessmen and Hindu cloth merchants in the 19th century. Sonargaon was the capital of the ancient kingdom ruled by Isa Khan of Bengle. Today old Sonargaon is home to some of the oldest buildings in Bangladesh and it is the name of an Upazila of Narayanganj district. 

Historical place and Panam City as the Lost Town in Bangladesh:

Panam city built by rich merchant from that period and most of them were Hindus it’s also most of the building structures are similar, combination of Mughul and Hindu style. Many of the building localities have the platform by the Isha Khan during that period. All the buildings in the city were built facing a single road which is 5 meters long and 600 miter wide. There still remain 52 buildings and back of every building is a pond or link to the canals. The whole city is surrounded with artificial canals. These canals were dug to protect the city from any outside attack. There was only one bridge to enter the city in the west side. Historical ancient capital Sonargaon is approximately 27 KM to the southeast of Dhaka. It is not easy to locate exactly the medieval city, but from the extant remains it appears to have embraced a wide tract bounded on the east, west and south by the Meghna river, the Shitalakhya river and the Dhaleshwari river respectively and on the north by Brahmaputra river. Panam city area was linked with the main city area by three brick bridges - Panam Bridge, Dalalpur Bridge and PanamNagar Bridge - during Mughal period. The bridges are still in use.

Visiting the attractions of Panam City:

Visiting Sonargaon for Folk Arts and Crafts Museum and Panam City the old capital of Bengal, is a place where you can see the country’s heritage. The main place to visit here is the Folk Arts and Crafts museum located inside the Folk Arts and Crafts Foundation premises, the nearby old city from colonial period – Panam, and the beautiful Goaldi Mosque from the sultanate period. At the present time it has foundation is the newly renovated car parking area. The area is big enough to park lots of cars and buses. There is arrangement of riding in boats on the lake inside the foundation premises it has also nice place inside the foundation premises to organize picnic. You can do fishing by hook on the lake by Ticket. Lok Shilpa Jadughar (Folk Art and Craft Museum) of Sonargaon was established by Bangladeshi painter Joynul Abedin on March 12, 1975. The house was built in 1901, originally called Bara Sardar Bari. Sonakanda Fort is a Mughal river-fort located on the bank of the Shitalakshya River at Bandar, Narayanganj. Khasnagar Dighi is a lake in Khasnagar village. Panam City is located in a 10 minutes walking distance from the foundation gate. This once residence of the rich businessmen of Sonargaon has no boundary wall surrounding it. So you can dwell around the old buildings any time you like.

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