Bachelor Life in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

A bachelor is a man who is married or single whatever in Dhaka we live in a flat to change our life by education or job. First time we face lot of problems for sleeping,  example few person cannot satisfy to doubling bed and sharing many thing soap, oil and some time  share to cooking when home servant absent. Within few days we adjust everything and have a good experience on the bachelor life. Every bachelor has to miss their parents and family members. If you passed long time bachelor life after that you start married life then you can feel your wife like a good roommate.  

We know Dhaka is the city of dream. People believe that if they went to Dhaka city they earn more and full fill their dreams over all they live their better life. So the thinking of People comes to Dhaka city various parts of Bangladesh for Education and Job. First time he try to get admission Dhaka University and some private university if reasonable prices to complete there graduation in private university so nobody did not miss the chance for career. Now the bachelor life is start in Dhaka city.  First time every persons get friends mess or relative house. After passing the some day’s bachelor find to house for rent or find some mess. Preferable area near to campus or office side to easy communication for student or service holder bachelor life area name is Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Jigatola, Rajabazar Badda, Ramna, Rampura, Tejgaon, Shamoli, Chackbazar etc. Many Home owner do not rent their flat to the bachelor because they think that bachelor are the problems creatable person in the world they also treat them many way. Some house owner show don’t interest about the flat rent also bachelor face various kinds of question. Like she and/or he married or unmarried their work etc. For the searching of long time if they find one flat there is stand another problem for bachelor. House owner offer the bachelor  top floor  flat  of the building  which is very hoot in summer season  or ground floor of the flat which are basically  witty , full of darkness air circulation system are not well etc. Flat rent is so much higher than family flat. House owners also give some condition like if you are use computer or laptop you can pay extra electricity bill. Sometimes they search bachelor flat and their personal things without notice. Which is very painful? Actually home owner think that they are the only respected people in the society bachelor are their subordinate. They have right to do all things bachelor are only bearer. They do not give house rent bill. If bachelor person give it to him they said that live my flat from the next month also they give threat. This is our bachelor life in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. 

Posted By: ABC Task